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Of all the energy expended in lighting across the US, three quarters is used within industry and commerce.

Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, are solid-state devices (semi-conductors) that are by far the most energy-efficient of all current lighting options, saving 80% over filament, sodium or metal halide lams and luminaires.
They also offer the longest maintenance free lifetime of any existing technologies.

Discover the financial and environmental advantages of switching to LED lighting, view examples of the sectors already benefitting from the technology, browse a range of Constellation's stock LED products or consider their bespoke luminaire design service.

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The history of Constellation Lighting Ltd US

Constellation Lighting is one of the longest standing LED lighting design, supply and manufacturing companies in the United States.

Located in Houston TX, Constellation have served industrial, commercial, public sector and military clients across North and South America, the Caribbean and Canada for over 16 years ...more recently adding a specialist leisure and sports venue division, providing LED lighting solutions to ice or roller rinks, theatres and sports halls.  See the site at

As global awareness of LED technology increases, and the demand for low-energy lighting grows, so Constellation Lighting have committed to a long-term program of research and development... providing an ever improving service to existing and future customers alike.

Constellation Lighting is also global, with manufacturing capability on three continents and a namesake company in the UK, serving Europe...  visit their site at:  Constellation UK

Constellation Lighting in Texas, USA


Constellation Lighting Ltd
21175 Tomball Parkway, Suite 114
Houston 77070  Texas  USA
T:  (1) 832 717 575O
F:  (1) 5O1 694 333O

Click to view the USDoE Lighting Facts website and standards

LED Lighting Facts is a program of the U.S. Department of Energy, showcasing LED products that are performance tested according to strict industry standards.

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